About Us


Unión Española de California was incorporated as a nonprofit, benevolent society in 1923. Unión Española was formed by the merging of two clubs; one of which (La Sociedad Española de Beneficiencia) was founded back in 1876. Unión Española was located on fanciful Broadway in the City of San Francisco. In 1984, Unión Española sold the building on Broadway to purchase its new home at 2850 Alemany Boulevard - a renovated discount store, with ample parking for all of its members. Todays cultural center has been financed and built through loans, donations and labor of its members. In October of 1987, King Juan Carlos inaugurated the current site of the Unión Española.


In the past, Unión Española enjoyed integral chapters in South San Francisco and Redwood City. Currently, Unión Española counts on a wide group of Spanish-affiliate societies in Sunnyvale, Hayward, Hollister, Sacramento and the San Joaquin Valleys and Southern California. More recently, Unión Española was invited to participate in the newly founded California Federation of Spanish Associates.


Unión Española is always striving to expand its cultural activities and support of Bay Area cultural groups. By way of its sponsored monthly functions, Unión Española supports many cultural causes. Unión Española is currently assisting in the formation of, and will be giving a temporary home to, a Museum Contemporary Hispanic Art. This museum will be the first of its kind in the United States.